Finales: Panzer, Kanojo Pet

Girls und Panzer's finale is their biggest and most hopeless-looking battle yet. But you know Miho isn't going to give up. First they have to take out that monster Maus. It's ingenious, like most of Miho's plans when the odds are against her, but it's early in the episode yet and there are still a … Continue reading Finales: Panzer, Kanojo Pet

Kanojo Pet 21-22

Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojo 21 and 22 set things up predictably for an unpredictable finish. In episode 22 the gang pretty much exhausts their ways to save their dorm. Each day they get a dose of energy from somewhere (probably Misaki) and go out again to get signatures, even though they know they're going … Continue reading Kanojo Pet 21-22

Robotics 19, Kanojo Pet 20, Bakuman3 21

Robotics;Notes 19 is good stuff, everything the premise could be, but it's so late in the series that I wonder if the series can be salvaged. Also, it's damn confusing. Okay, so the solar flare isn't real, but using faked reports and footage makes it feel like it's actually happening. That's interesting. The question is … Continue reading Robotics 19, Kanojo Pet 20, Bakuman3 21

Sasami-and-Kotoura-san 6, Kanojo Pet 19

I've been watching Sasami-San@Ganbaranai each week, wishing I knew more about the religions here and marveling at some of the visual ideas, but I began to worry that the show was drifting into a "supernatural being learns how to exist and make friends in the common world" theme, mind you, a Shaft/Shinbou version of such … Continue reading Sasami-and-Kotoura-san 6, Kanojo Pet 19

Tonari 8, Kanojo Pet 7, Panzer 6

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 8 manages to get stuff done amongst some silly scenes, to my surprise. And it made me think too: just how long is Shizuku going to put up with this? I think it's the show's lighthearted atmosphere of the school festival that threw me off. Starting off with Shizuku as a haunted … Continue reading Tonari 8, Kanojo Pet 7, Panzer 6

Tonari 7, Bakuman3 and Pet 6

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun doesn't seem to care if it makes any progress toward a happy couple ending or not. We start with Haru's dead aunt Kyoko, whose practical life aphorisms have gone whoosh over his head until recently. It's a testament either to the show or to Haru's strange way of thinking that she only … Continue reading Tonari 7, Bakuman3 and Pet 6

Chu2koi 6, Pet na Kanojo 5, Joshiraku finale

It's looking like not much will really happen in Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!, but that's all right. Episode 6 is the best yet. I can't think of a moment in it that wasn't fun to watch. There IS a story here but it pops up almost at random at the halfway point when Isshiki, … Continue reading Chu2koi 6, Pet na Kanojo 5, Joshiraku finale

Panzer, K, Pet 4, Tonari 5, and this Lychee thing 1-2

Girls und Panzer 4 brings us one of the sillier armored combat battles you'll ever see. I'm sure it won't be the last. The friendly between our gals and the St. Gloriana (or whatever) Academy brings us back to the original episode, but, happily, very little repeated footage. We see Miho's tank draw off the … Continue reading Panzer, K, Pet 4, Tonari 5, and this Lychee thing 1-2