Sasameki Koto Finale

While Sasameki Koto has a handful of regular characters, the main ones are of course Murasame and Kazama. So it's fitting that the others do not appear at all in the finale. And, this being the finale, will the two finally get together as a couple? After seeing the episode I think it was a … Continue reading Sasameki Koto Finale

Sasameki 12, 11Eyes Finale

In terms of the overriding story arc, Sasameki Koto's ep12 is all filler. Murasame and Kazama don't get any closer. None of the characters are effected in any way. They're stuck at the school during a rainstorm and discover a strange message scribbled in a library book. The message leads to further clues stuck in … Continue reading Sasameki 12, 11Eyes Finale

Sasameki 11, Kimi ni Todoke 12, Yumeiro 12

Another nice episode of Sasameki Koto, and a more subdued one than we've recently gotten. Ironic because this is your basic water park episode and all that means. Let's see, we got one confirmed couple, two would-be couples, and two comic relief characters. There's some jockeying about for position since the would-be's cannot be mixed, … Continue reading Sasameki 11, Kimi ni Todoke 12, Yumeiro 12

Finishing Up Episode Tens: Blacksmith, Sasameki

The Sacred Blacksmith 10 sorta kinda explains most of the mysteries left in this show, but I admit I'm still confused. We learn why the old crazy knight keeps referring to Elsa when Elsa's right there, well, no it actually doesn't. What we get are a lot of exposition scenes about destinies and the true … Continue reading Finishing Up Episode Tens: Blacksmith, Sasameki

More Nines: Darker, Bantorra, Sasameki

I combined these three shows last week and was delighted. This time around there's a drop, but not a big one. I praise shows with complexity, but sometimes they baffle me. Such as with Darker than Black and its enormous roster of characters, some of them new, and others we met in the previous series, … Continue reading More Nines: Darker, Bantorra, Sasameki

Three Very Good Episode 8’s: Darker, Bantorra, Sasameki

Darker than Black has its overriding storyline, as convoluted as it is, with more attempts to capture or recruit (usually both) Suou, or Hei, while governments and secret organizations move chess pieces around and Kirihara dithers with no information, and there's the whole mystery of Yin. Then there's the more personal level of story arc, … Continue reading Three Very Good Episode 8’s: Darker, Bantorra, Sasameki

Kimi ni Todoke 8, Sasameki Koto 7, and (sigh) 11Eyes 8 …

Kini ni Todoke sure takes its sweet time doing anything. I thought we'd get to the rumor-mongering today, but the only new rumor we get are that Sawako can bring good fortune simply by smiling at you. But of course when they try they get this: Certainly an improvement upon the old rumors of death … Continue reading Kimi ni Todoke 8, Sasameki Koto 7, and (sigh) 11Eyes 8 …