Shiki 18, God Only Knows 9

After several episodes of mounting hopeless and despair, Shiki 18 gives us some hope. Some of the victims refuse to lose. Another one is on the offensive. We start with a few who have already risen, in fact, it's hard not to include them, since just about everyone has already done so. We get lots … Continue reading Shiki 18, God Only Knows 9

Shiki 17, Kuragehime 6

Your weekly noitaninA fix. Gotta hand it to Shiki. Just when you think things can't get any worse, they do. While most of the episode is more of the same, living people getting bitten by the Risen, the remaining heroes all seem to be making some decisions, but the decisions all seem to be rather … Continue reading Shiki 17, Kuragehime 6

Shiki 15, Fortune Arterial 6

In Shiki 15 Toshio has new challenges. As if torturing his undead wife wasn't enough. First, Seishin turns his back on Toshio for the whole unfortunate wife incident. He says that killing is never justifiable, no matter how noble the cause. We come back to this thought when Seishin returns and finds someone (probably Sunako) … Continue reading Shiki 15, Fortune Arterial 6

Shiki 12, Arakawa 2, Fortune Arterial 2

Shiki returns after a couple of weeks, and things get even bleaker. We don't see Toshio and Seishin this episode. Instead attention is paid to Natsuno and his friends and family, including the risen ones. Natsuno, though bitten, is still healthy enough to tell the kids to leave the village and, in an interesting scene, … Continue reading Shiki 12, Arakawa 2, Fortune Arterial 2