Shiki 8, Yakuindomo 9

Without changing its leisurely pace Shiki gets more suspenseful by the week, to the point where I found the gravedigging scene hard to watch. Actually, almost every moment promises to turn bad for our characters, only, most of the time, they don't, leaving the suspense for a future scene. Take the scenes between Seishin and … Continue reading Shiki 8, Yakuindomo 9

Shiki 7, Yumeiro 45

For all its terrifying aspects Shiki is a relaxed show, taking its time, showing us various characters who slowly find their own way to the truth. In this almost leisurely episode 7 we learn quite a lot. It's not only the investigators who have these revelations. For the first time we see it from a … Continue reading Shiki 7, Yumeiro 45