A few more quick ones …

Fortune Arterial 10 has Erika's continuing struggle to sustain herself on blood pouches (and why those aren't as nutritious as blood from a throbbing vein they don't tell us). And it has not only more "Let's work together!" festival preparation scenes, but a beach trip and firework-watching with yukatas as well. You begin to get … Continue reading A few more quick ones …

Bakuman 10, Soredemo 9

I'm getting the feeling that Bakuman has settled into a basic flow, a combination of scenes involving either work, interviews with Hattori, and some time left for personal drama. We start with the first of two interviews, rather different than the ones before. Hattori brings Saiko and Akito to the editorial offices on the fourth … Continue reading Bakuman 10, Soredemo 9

Yumeiro Pro 7, Soredemo 6

In Yumeiro Patissiere Professional 7 the gang finish their tour of the sweets kingdom and witness the exam the Jerks have worked so hard for. Naturally it will be touching; naturally it will be downright weird. Their last stop before returning is Egg Home, where all the eggs are made and sent through pipes to … Continue reading Yumeiro Pro 7, Soredemo 6

Star Driver 5, Soredemo 4

After last week's change of pace Star Driver 5 goes back to its irresistibly bizarre regular format. We get some school scenes, followed by a big colorful fight. But this episode leans farther toward the silly side. We meet Okamoto, the school nurse, who's also Professor Green of Glittering Crux, AND Hina, a student who … Continue reading Star Driver 5, Soredemo 4

Yumeiro Pro 4, Soredemo 3

Yumeiro Patissiere Professional 4 is a low-key episode. This is usually the case when there's a crisis. Also, overall this new series is less silly. Maybe it's because the characters are older. Or maybe it's that the series turns to the most quiet and dullest of the team: Andou. He doesn't have the personality to … Continue reading Yumeiro Pro 4, Soredemo 3

Still more Twos: Yakumo, Soredemo, Milky Holmes

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo 2 isn't much better than the first. We start with Yakumo waking up and insulting Haruka for whatever reason. Then we have to see his sympathetic side when he points out that ghosts used to be people, that they're not monsters to be purified or exorcised. Alas, Haruka is just the sort … Continue reading Still more Twos: Yakumo, Soredemo, Milky Holmes

The last episode ones? A Certain Magical Index II, Soredomo Machi wa Mawatteiru, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

The first A Certain Magical Index series was both appealing and frustrating. It brought us some interesting characters but too often fell to incoherent stories with one magical group or individual after another showing up, as if they were pulling cult terminology randomly out of a hat. And Index appeared far too rarely in the … Continue reading The last episode ones? A Certain Magical Index II, Soredomo Machi wa Mawatteiru, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes