Arakawa BxB 9, Yumeiro Pro 10

Two typical vignettes in Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge 9. In the first, Shimazaki has fallen either for Whitey, or his line-making discipline. Much to Ric's shock. As usual. Oh, they throw in an imagined (by Ric) domestic drama angle to make it more interesting. In the second, Last Samurai, disgusted by the girls' … Continue reading Arakawa BxB 9, Yumeiro Pro 10

Nines: Bakuman, Yumeiro Pro

Bakuman 9 deals with the aftermath of the Akito/Ishizawa fight. This means we have a dull first half and entertaining second. Akito's been suspended from school for a week, leaving Saiko drifting about. But word has gotten out about their manga work; it seems their classmates aren't as shocked as you might think. In fact, … Continue reading Nines: Bakuman, Yumeiro Pro

Yumeiro Pro 7, Soredemo 6

In Yumeiro Patissiere Professional 7 the gang finish their tour of the sweets kingdom and witness the exam the Jerks have worked so hard for. Naturally it will be touching; naturally it will be downright weird. Their last stop before returning is Egg Home, where all the eggs are made and sent through pipes to … Continue reading Yumeiro Pro 7, Soredemo 6

Yumeiro Pro 4, Soredemo 3

Yumeiro Patissiere Professional 4 is a low-key episode. This is usually the case when there's a crisis. Also, overall this new series is less silly. Maybe it's because the characters are older. Or maybe it's that the series turns to the most quiet and dullest of the team: Andou. He doesn't have the personality to … Continue reading Yumeiro Pro 4, Soredemo 3

Threes: Star Driver, Panty&Stocking, Yumeiro Pro

Star Driver 3 is the most straightforward so far. The Glittering Star's organization has begun to make sense, and for the time being their aims are not so confusing. Also, we've seen much of it before. The enemy leader of the week is Kanako, she of the green hair and kissing through glass. We learn … Continue reading Threes: Star Driver, Panty&Stocking, Yumeiro Pro

More twos: Zakuro, Yumeiro Pro, Yosuga

Otome Youkai Zakuro has a good overall theme, that of westernization conflicting with ancient tradition, which in shows like this can bite back, but the second episode doesn't convince me that it will lead to an interesting story. After viewing a scary and prophetic Zakuro dream about persimmons we move on to more culture-clash. Agemaki, … Continue reading More twos: Zakuro, Yumeiro Pro, Yosuga