Finales: Ping Pong, Wixoss, Nanana

It's an insult to other sports shows when I say Ping Pong is more than a sports show. But look at the final match. Sure we get some great action. We see Peco scoring a couple points and then Smile scoring one, but there are gaps in between these points while we watch the people … Continue reading Finales: Ping Pong, Wixoss, Nanana

Ping Pong 10, Wixoss 11, Nanana 10

I can't remember when I looked forward to an episode as much as Ping Pong 10. Happily, the episode did not disappoint. But it surprised me a little. The Peco/Kazama match could have wound up the other way and it would have made sense, maybe more sense than a guy with a bum let taking … Continue reading Ping Pong 10, Wixoss 11, Nanana 10

Nanana 9, Mahouka and Captain Earth 10

Very little happened on the surface of Nanana's Buried Treasure 9, at least not until the end, and Nanana's sudden disappearance from the room doesn't feel like a departure, but a red herring. The rest of it was basically Hiiyo being nasty to everyone he meets, and the rest of the group banding together to … Continue reading Nanana 9, Mahouka and Captain Earth 10

Nanana, Sidonia, and Mekaku 7

Nanana's Buried Treasure 7 is really one scene with domestic bliss filler as the bread to the sandwich. It's also pretty good. Juugo is wallowing in self-pity because things with Yukihime have gotten so lousy that they're betraying each other, though they are supposedly on separate sides. So he calls her out for a confrontation. … Continue reading Nanana, Sidonia, and Mekaku 7

Ping Pong and Nanana 5, Nisekoi 18, Mahouka 6

Ping Pong 5 lowers the intensity a little, except for the dispatching of Sakuma, the guy who dispatched Peco in the tournament. The show seems to enjoy presenting players who are really good only to show how frail they are against people who are better than they are. Except for Kazama, who goes on to … Continue reading Ping Pong and Nanana 5, Nisekoi 18, Mahouka 6

Sidonia and Nanana 2, Kanojo Flag 2-3, and an observation about bread

Knights of Sidonia 2 continues to set up three things to interest us: Nagate's joining the real world, so to speak, the school rivalries and jealousies, and the nasty Gauna. Least interesting to me is the middle one. I'm not a fan of watching students being ostracized by their classmates. The hateful pranking they do … Continue reading Sidonia and Nanana 2, Kanojo Flag 2-3, and an observation about bread

New Spring 2014 #5

Let me get this straight. In Black Bullet, the "initiators" are cursed children who are keeping mankind safe from the nasty Gastrea bugs. They are teamed with "promoters" who do ... what, exactly? We meet and follow Rentaro, an eighteen-or-so-old promoter, who has nothing special going for him and can't even shoot all that well. … Continue reading New Spring 2014 #5