Finales: Rokka, Gate, Shimoneta, Teekyuu5

Rokka no Yuusha ends, for now, but not without a big belly laugh at our expense. As for who the fake brave was:  I KNEW IT!  I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!  I KNEW IT EVEN BEFORE THE SHOW HAD STARTED!  I KNEW IT BEFORE THE BOOKS WERE EVEN WRITTEN!  I AM A GENIUS! ...  Okay … Continue reading Finales: Rokka, Gate, Shimoneta, Teekyuu5

Shimoneta and Jitsu wa 11

Kajou answers her phone and looks shocked at the end of Shimoneta 11, but there's no doubt that the main story ended here. It's a typical action-packed anime finale episode. Okuma and Kajou barely manage to escape, and Gathered Fabric and Kosuri take the buses and hostages to the high school and announce their terms, … Continue reading Shimoneta and Jitsu wa 11

CC, Rokka and Shimoneta 7, Teekyuu 55

I'm starting to get things mixed up in Classroom Crisis.  Or I'm not paying enough attention.  First, A-TEC feeds Angelina and Iris the information they need to sneak into the hijacked spacecraft's cockpit and gives them a flight plan.  The stupid pilot interferes, Iris has a traumatic flashback and faints, no one is operating the … Continue reading CC, Rokka and Shimoneta 7, Teekyuu 55

4-5s, Charlotte, Rokka, Shimoneta, and Teekyu 52-3

I think I might be in a permanent catchup mode.  Sorry about that. Charlotte 4 is a throwaway episode, I hope.  The gang go and stop a pitcher from a nearby high school team to stop using telekinesis on his pitches.  Though I was briefly misled by the idea that the catcher was actually the … Continue reading 4-5s, Charlotte, Rokka, Shimoneta, and Teekyu 52-3

Twos and threes: Charlotte, Shimoneta, Rokka

(watching these episodes on separate days, so there's not much connection between the episode reports) Charlotte 2 doesn't tell us a lot we didn't already know.  We get some of Nao's backstory, how her brother was turned into a lunatic by the experiments the government did on him, and that she escaped.  I can understand … Continue reading Twos and threes: Charlotte, Shimoneta, Rokka