New shows Spring 2017 1

Hooray, I think. It's time for me to begin my new show reviews for the new season! For those of you that might not be aware, or just don't care, I tend to follow the shows as they appear on the Random Curiosity Preview page. I will watch just about anything, but not the following: … Continue reading New shows Spring 2017 1

Finales: Kyojin, Railgun S

Shingeki no Kyojin ends with a hodgepodge of meanings dragging behind it. More than once we're told that people who live safely behind walls don't deserve freedom, which I guess was the point of the final battle between Big Eren and Big Annie, ripping each other's body parts loose and crashing around the safest place … Continue reading Finales: Kyojin, Railgun S

Kyojin 24, Monogatari SS and Uchouten K 12

Shingeki no Kyojin 24 builds well and leaves us waiting for another big giantXgiant battle next week. But two things occur to me. First, why didn't Eren transform sooner? He lay there in the wreckage for several minutes, had two pep talks, one from Jean, the other from Armin. At first it's understandable; he couldn't … Continue reading Kyojin 24, Monogatari SS and Uchouten K 12

Quick thoughts on Kyojin 23 and Railgun 22

The big reveal in Shingeki no Kyojin 23 should come as no surprise, except to those of us who had forgotten who giantess is. The show's had problems establishing characters from the start. Even after the opening scenes where we see her sympathizing with an overly zealous outer of corruption named Marlo while telling him … Continue reading Quick thoughts on Kyojin 23 and Railgun 22

Kyojin 22, Monogatari SS and Uchouten Kazoku 10

Shingeki no Kyojin 22 is, er, not very cheerful. We get two action scenes, the first being the pursuit and rescue of Eren, that is to say, the incapacitating of the female giant who ate him. It's an interesting look at Mikasa in blood rage compared to the much cooler and more effective Levi. In … Continue reading Kyojin 22, Monogatari SS and Uchouten Kazoku 10

Kyojin 21, Genshiken and Uchouten 9

When, last week in Shingeki no Kyojin, the female giant got herself devoured to prevent capture, it meant we'd have to wait a few more dragging episodes before we saw her again. Happily, I was wrong. It STARTS that way. From their various locations in the forest the characters talk about the implications, Armin as … Continue reading Kyojin 21, Genshiken and Uchouten 9

Monogatari 6, Titan 19, Genshiken N 7

In Monogatari Second Season 6, Araragi finally slips back into the main character seat and wastes no time getting girls to talk to him. In fact, we start mid-conversation with someone named Ougi, talking about the paradox of danger associated with traffic lights, and how they're all red from time to time, for three seconds. … Continue reading Monogatari 6, Titan 19, Genshiken N 7

Titan 18, Watamote and Genshiken N 6

Parts of Shingeki no Kyojin 18 doesn't work very well, like when someone says something. Other parts are great, like whenever the female giant is around. I swear, after all those episodes of "normal" giants lumbering around looking grotesque and eating people, it's a relief to see one who does her killing with such panache. … Continue reading Titan 18, Watamote and Genshiken N 6

Titan 17, Monogatari SS 5

Two things that make Shingeki no Kyojin 17 especially effective: First, it's a particularly scary one. That female titan ("with the nice ass," as one corpsman says, and I'm glad someone said it) is not only faster and more agile than the regular ones, but it's tons smarter. The scouts who have try and distract … Continue reading Titan 17, Monogatari SS 5