Trinity Seven, Shirobako, and Shigatsu … 2-3

Trinity Seven episodes 2 has Arata being observed by Arin as a sort of comic gag, except her reasons are intended to give us backstory. Then we get scene a scene where she's trapped him (and three girls) in a barrier to see how he will react, sort of a mage testing, since he's going … Continue reading Trinity Seven, Shirobako, and Shigatsu … 2-3

New 2014 Fall #6

Whoah, I'm almost a week behind! Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai starts with an eye-catching scene of the young Kakei reading and a man approaching him to talk about a book with all the world's wisdom in a magic library, that Kakei can go there if he's good and pure of heart, etc etc, and oh, here's … Continue reading New 2014 Fall #6