SAO 10, Dandy and Nozaki-kun 9-10

Sword Art Online 10 starts well but falls into a hole, or cave, halfway through. It's not that they shouldn't have put that cave scene in the story; it was necessary to clear the air between them, and to allow Sinon to tell her story and make a decision or two about herself. In fact, … Continue reading SAO 10, Dandy and Nozaki-kun 9-10

Tokyo ESP 8, Glasslip 9, Free! 9, Space Dandy 8

Tokyo ESP 8 is a mixed back of little events to set things up for what looks to be a big battle arc. The Professor and Minami go to work recruiting other people who have taken the goldfish, so to speak, one of them completely indifferent, another a sympathetic victim. Since they must murder someone … Continue reading Tokyo ESP 8, Glasslip 9, Free! 9, Space Dandy 8

Finales: Zvezda, Nobunagun, Dandy

The final episode of Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda made absolutely no sense, and I couldn't care less. The good guys who weren't there while Kate was beginning her obviously suicidal confrontation with Kyoshiro showed up one by one, and just in the nick of time to rescue someone. And while they did we had … Continue reading Finales: Zvezda, Nobunagun, Dandy