Tokyo ESP 4, Nozaki-kun 4-5

Tokyo ESP 4 winds up its first arc in solid fashion. First they have to rescue Murasaki, and it's pretty easy, considering. In spite of her injuries Rinka beats up several men twice her size and only uses her power to avoid bullets. It's ridiculous, but she looked so formidable swinging that sword around that … Continue reading Tokyo ESP 4, Nozaki-kun 4-5

Tokyo ESP 3, Aldnoah, Akame and SAO2 4

Episode one of Tokyo ESP was dark, episode two was goofy. With #3 they try to mix the two moods with interesting results. After rescuing a girl named Murasaki while she was trying to rescue the flying penguin (from whom?), Rinka begins to think that there might be something to this superheroing business after all, … Continue reading Tokyo ESP 3, Aldnoah, Akame and SAO2 4

Zankyou and Tokyo ESP 2, SAO2 2-3

After Zankyou no Terror 2 I went and looked up the riddle of the sphinx because I had never heard of the second interpretation, that it referred to Oedipus himself. After one minute on Wikipedia hours of thorough searching I didn't find it, nor did I find any indication that it happened after Oedipus blinded … Continue reading Zankyou and Tokyo ESP 2, SAO2 2-3

2014 Summer Shows — the Last

Zankyou no Terror (no, zankYOU!) has an effective first episode that leaves us with a bunch of questions. We start in snowy somewhere, a nuclear plant of some sort, which is raided by two people in nuclear suits, who escape with only one explosion and no loss of blood anywhere, which is pretty good work. … Continue reading 2014 Summer Shows — the Last