Finales: Tsurezure and PP, plus Abyss 12

The finale of Tsurezure Children has basically two scenes, the first being a comedy-ridden sports festival soccer tournament where we see most of the couples we've been following interacting on the pitch and on the sidelines. Sort of touching base with them one more time. Most of the relationships don't change, but we get a … Continue reading Finales: Tsurezure and PP, plus Abyss 12

Abyss 11, Princess 10, Tsurezure 11

I didn't expect Made in Abyss 11 to be as intense, unrelenting, and painful as #10, and so it wasn't. I'm also happy that the whole episode wasn't simply a long infodump by Nanachi. We got a little information, sure, but the show continues to do a very good job at slipping the necessary info … Continue reading Abyss 11, Princess 10, Tsurezure 11

Tens: Isekai Shokudou, Abyss, Tsurezure

Isekai Shokudou 10 is another routine episode where we meet still another magical race, cute little fairies with butterfly wings, led by their queen, Tiana Silvario XVI, and Victoria advises them to try a fruit crepe, though I suspect anything sugary would work for them. A few months later and the fairies are leading local … Continue reading Tens: Isekai Shokudou, Abyss, Tsurezure

Tsurezure and Abyss 9, Re:Creators 20, Princess P 9

Tsurezure Children 9 feels like a letdown though the content is perhaps the purest display of how kids can over-analyze every single thing their prospective sweethearts say and screw up any progress they've made, or say the wrong thing and regret it immediately. The best example is the Kanda/Takase scene, where both kids, desperate to … Continue reading Tsurezure and Abyss 9, Re:Creators 20, Princess P 9

Eights: Abyss, Shokudou, Tsurezure

I had expected Made in Abyss 8 to be a long, dangerous and scary half hour where Riko and Reg are close to torn apart every second, with lots of fleeing through dark forests until something new comes up to make their survival training even worse, and it indeed starts like that--you knew there was … Continue reading Eights: Abyss, Shokudou, Tsurezure

Princess Principal 6, Tsurezure 6-7

In the middle of Princess Principal 6, Princess bemoans the fact that many people were torn apart by the wall, lovers, families, etc. The irony here is that the wall changed Dorothy's life for the better. It separated her from her father, Danny McBean, a decent man who lost his hand and became a violent, … Continue reading Princess Principal 6, Tsurezure 6-7

Catch-up with Aho Girl and Tsurezure Children, though new episode come out today …

In catch-up mode I would normally watch all the available episodes in succession, but one episode of Aho Girl, 15 minutes though it be, is too much for me to handle, so at the moment it's episode four only. In it we have what I assume to be the core characters, now that the teacher … Continue reading Catch-up with Aho Girl and Tsurezure Children, though new episode come out today …