WIXOSS finale, Shirobako 11

Three weeks ago I up my hands at selector spread WIXOSS. I no longer knew who was what person, or what their motives are. The last straw was episode 9 or 10, after Iona defeated Akira and, became herself again, is that right? Which means that, among other things, the Lrig they've all been calling … Continue reading WIXOSS finale, Shirobako 11

Twos and threes: Wixoss, Vanadis

Now that I've finished all the episode ones I planned to watch, it's time to catch up with episode twos ... and threes, oh boy ... We'll start with selector spread WIXOSS, that happiest of shows, with its messed up situation, which in episode two, somehow, they manage to make even MORE messed up. I … Continue reading Twos and threes: Wixoss, Vanadis