Tens – the usual

Bocchi, the abstract We know pretty much how Bocchi the Rock! 10 is going to play out. Bocchi wants Kessouku Band to play at the school festival, but she's scared. Someone will give her a push, she'll get support from the band, and it will be fine, though she'll still be nervous. The first third … Continue reading Tens – the usual

Eminance, DIY, Bocchi and Renai nines

Eminence in Shadow (Why I used the original, long name for so long in these posts?) 9 goes along with no complications, to the point where I got bored. Cid helps Sherry arm the new jewel and then she sneaks it to the auditorium where the students are being held captive, the magic barrier goes … Continue reading Eminance, DIY, Bocchi and Renai nines

Eights: Kage, DIY, Bocchi, Renai Flops

Cid, acting in the third person again. Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! 8 is spared the usual "What is Cid up to now?" questions because we know exactly what he's up to. His interior monologue gives us a straightforward rundown. First, fake his death, then take out a few villains until he rescues Sherry, learns … Continue reading Eights: Kage, DIY, Bocchi, Renai Flops