Some 2s but mostly 3s

The second episode is even better. The only show this season that has had me doubled over with laughter is Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka Bloom. With episode 2, more than once I had to stop the recording because I was giggling so much. Syaro borrows a DVD to watch, "but I forgot I don't have … Continue reading Some 2s but mostly 3s

A lot of episode 2’s but not all of them

Time to look at the shows I haven't dropped yet, starting with Assault Lily Bouquet, where it's the first day of school, but classes don't start until the next day, so Riri and her new friends go from place to place getting infodumps about the school, their weapons, "magie," and schutzengels. Oh, and girls coming … Continue reading A lot of episode 2’s but not all of them