Tokyo ESP 3, Aldnoah, Akame and SAO2 4

Episode one of Tokyo ESP was dark, episode two was goofy. With #3 they try to mix the two moods with interesting results. After rescuing a girl named Murasaki while she was trying to rescue the flying penguin (from whom?), Rinka begins to think that there might be something to this superheroing business after all, … Continue reading Tokyo ESP 3, Aldnoah, Akame and SAO2 4

Twos: Aldnoah, Hanayamata, Glasslip

Now that I've gone through all the shows I might watch, I must decide which ones to watch next. Since so many episode twos have come out while I was dealing with episode ones I have a good supply. So I'll pick the shows I really want to watch first. That means Aldnoah Zero. And … Continue reading Twos: Aldnoah, Hanayamata, Glasslip