Shirobako 12, Amagi Park finale

After all the pressure put on Musashino, not to mention poor Aoi, Shirobako 12 feels like a triumph. It also feels like a final episode. Happily, it's not. Sure, there are some cliches in there. I figured that somewhere along the way, Sugie would come out to save the day with his decades of wisdom … Continue reading Shirobako 12, Amagi Park finale

New 2014 Fall #5

I don't know how I missed Amagi Brilliant Park #1, and the next thing you know, #2 had come out. Anyway, as you all know by now, this is about narcissistic high schooler Kanie, who is forced at gunpoint to visit the titular park, the most dismal place in Japan. Then he's entrusted with the … Continue reading New 2014 Fall #5