Shoujo Tachi 2-3, Boku Dake 3

Shoujo-tachi wa kyouya wo Mezasu 2 gathers the other talents to create Kuroda's game. Didn't take the long. Bunta is told to go out and recruit, and after some failures (characters we won't see again) he enlists his friends Yuuka (Who's interested in voice acting) and Kai, who has no special talents so will be … Continue reading Shoujo Tachi 2-3, Boku Dake 3

Phantom World and Haruchika 2-3, Boku Dake 2

Guess I'd better get to some of these shows. Musaigen no Phantom World 2 sets up the routine. A phantom of the week, Mai stretching, Ruru stretching ... We do get a new character: Koito, the outsider who has no respect for the team and will eventually be brought around. Actually, she already has a … Continue reading Phantom World and Haruchika 2-3, Boku Dake 2

New Shows Winter 2016 #2

Though there were no stinkers, nothing in my first post thrilled me too much. Let's see if Active Raid -Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hakkei- can liven things up. We got Asami, a young intern who's been sent to Tokyo's misfit police squad, the Special Public Security 5th Division 3rd Mobile Assault Unit 8, who have a … Continue reading New Shows Winter 2016 #2