2-3’s: Gate, Bubuki, Komugi-chan

I understand the story, or stories, in Gate were going to get more complex, but episode 2 at least is fairly straightforward.  Earthshakes have a way of unifying story elements for a while.  And even after that it stays on one track as we get the satisfaction of Youji and his crew rescuing a Japanese … Continue reading 2-3’s: Gate, Bubuki, Komugi-chan

New Shows Winter 2016 #4

To start installment #4 I turn to a returning series: GATE.  Back to the fantasy world to wipe out old fantasy tropes with modern-day weaponry! We start with Youji wearing a ridiculous outfit for a formal event, but it gets unpleasant after that as we meet Zozal, Pina's brother and a nasty abuser of women … Continue reading New Shows Winter 2016 #4