2019 Summer 4

Isekai Cheat Magician is yet ANOTHER show where some high school kids are plucked out of our world and into a generic western fantasy RPG setting. This time it's Taichi and Rin, who get sucked into a magic circle and find themselves on a grassy plain and are immediately menaced by a killer horse. Fortunately … Continue reading 2019 Summer 4

Sidonia2 5, BBB and DanMachi 6, Nasuno Desu! 5

  I didn't think Knights of Sidonia 2 5 would have much crazy action, since last week's episode's had enough for two (four if you think of most other shows), and besides, there are bodies to heal and intrigue to be done ... Okay, not much intrigue either.  Mostly it's Nagate and Izana worrying about … Continue reading Sidonia2 5, BBB and DanMachi 6, Nasuno Desu! 5

Danmachi and Kekkai Sensen 5, Sidonia 4

DanMachi 5 is an episode where they move a number of currently unrelated plot pieces together, and since the advances are so small it's hard to tell if there's any progress at all.  Liliruca is still being hassled for money, but I'm still not certain what the reason is.  She's still after that knife, too, … Continue reading Danmachi and Kekkai Sensen 5, Sidonia 4

Danmachi and Yuki Nagato 2-3

Watching Danmachi episode 2 I wonder a couple of things.  First, where is the plot going?  We got Freya deciding she wants Bell, so she lets loose a giant killer ape to kill him, or Hestia, not sure which.  I thought she'd use, ahem, other means to get his attention.  Second, while I understand Hestia … Continue reading Danmachi and Yuki Nagato 2-3