New shows: Spring 2015 #1

Here we go!  The new season!  And we got a lot of 'em this spring.  Like every season, I'm going to give quick reviews of every show I might watch to the end.  I'm going by the Random Curiosity list and will do my best to review them in order, unless subs get delayed or … Continue reading New shows: Spring 2015 #1

The last of the finales, 2014

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu finished in the usual fashion, with Souji, full of doubt, awakening as a girl, is nearly beaten by Spidergildy, only to have moment of realization before the final blow, a talk with his own twintails full of weird philosophy and a pep talk, and rallies to defeat Arachnegildy (name changed after … Continue reading The last of the finales, 2014