Koyomimonogatari 2-4, Dimension W 2-4

Midway through this post I realized that with my more limited time there's no way to catch up if I write about every episode, so I will say even less per show than I was before. ¬†At least until I get all the way back ... Koyomimonogatari's short form is in a way a sort … Continue reading Koyomimonogatari 2-4, Dimension W 2-4

New Shows Winter 2016 #5

Oh god, Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R begins with an idol song. After that, we actually meet Komugi, your typical air-headed clumsy genki middle-school of the doctor's daughter variety, meaning no one minds if she slaps heating pads on elderly patients. She also works as a small-time idol for pharmacutecials. The story is routine. Odd event … Continue reading New Shows Winter 2016 #5