Gunslinger 2 (gone), Etotama 2 (gone), Show by Rock (not gone?!)

Well, after two episodes I'm going to drop Gunslinger Stratos, under the "not bad, but nothing really stands out and there's other things to watch" category.  Tohru is a combination backstory and "why am I fighting, anyway" episode, and I mistrust infodumps like the one they gave us here.  Also, Tohru apparently finds a reason … Continue reading Gunslinger 2 (gone), Etotama 2 (gone), Show by Rock (not gone?!)

New shows: Spring 2015 #5

You know, I don't know how many shows and now beginning my fifth new series post, I haven't seen anything that has amazed me yet.  Apart from Teekyuu, of course.  Let's see if anything in this post can get me interested. Ore Monogatari!! ... Not very.  We got Gouda, a huge guy with a big … Continue reading New shows: Spring 2015 #5