Tantei, Maid Dragon, and 100-man 10-11

Well, the story was screwed up to start with ... Back to a new arc for Tantei wa Mou Shindeiru, where Kimihiko, Nagisa, and Yui are on a cruise ship for some fun, but Char shows up too saying that Siesta's "bequest" is on board, and they should find it. We don't know what the … Continue reading Tantei, Maid Dragon, and 100-man 10-11

6-7, Tantei, Kobayashi, 100-Man

Okay, that's a cool-looking monster. I've talked about Peach Boy hopping around time, but Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru does the same thing. At least with episode 6 we head straight to the confrontation between Hel and her Monster and Siesta, Kimi, and their mecha, ready to duke it out under the houses of Parliament of … Continue reading 6-7, Tantei, Kobayashi, 100-Man