5s and a 4

I love Funimiya's expression in this shot. Isekai Ojisan 4 still has only the three of them, and what we get is more of the same. Well, the best yet most frustrating part is when Fujimiya, accidentally drenched and frozen from one of Uncle's spells, is showering it all off and caught by Takafumi while … Continue reading 5s and a 4

Some 2s, even though 3s are coming out.

LIttle do they know ... On to episode 2s, starting with Lycoris Recoil, with about as good a second episode as the first. The girls get an assignment, to escort a hacker named Walnut (who owned the apartment we saw blow up in episode 1) to a safe place while another hacker, Robota, sends goons … Continue reading Some 2s, even though 3s are coming out.