Renai Flops finale, and shadow 13

Let's see, I predicted that Renai Flops would end with Asahi meeting Ai in the other-verse or whatever, and he and maybe she would make peace with the situation and move on. It would be long and tearful with lots of flashbacks to happier times and to Ai's death. And that it would turn out … Continue reading Renai Flops finale, and shadow 13

Eminence, DIY, Bocchi, Renai 11

I'm not sure what Cid is getting at in Eminence in Shadow 11. His name is called to fight in the Princess Trials (a big combat event between warriors and the ghosts of heroic warriors) even though he hadn't applied for a spot and was just sipping his drink in the stands. In order not … Continue reading Eminence, DIY, Bocchi, Renai 11

Eights: Kage, DIY, Bocchi, Renai Flops

Cid, acting in the third person again. Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! 8 is spared the usual "What is Cid up to now?" questions because we know exactly what he's up to. His interior monologue gives us a straightforward rundown. First, fake his death, then take out a few villains until he rescues Sherry, learns … Continue reading Eights: Kage, DIY, Bocchi, Renai Flops