Twos and threes: Charlotte, Shimoneta, Rokka

(watching these episodes on separate days, so there's not much connection between the episode reports) Charlotte 2 doesn't tell us a lot we didn't already know.  We get some of Nao's backstory, how her brother was turned into a lunatic by the experiments the government did on him, and that she escaped.  I can understand … Continue reading Twos and threes: Charlotte, Shimoneta, Rokka

New Summer 2015 #3

PA Works is one of my favorite studios.  Their shows look great, with great direction, and their attention to detail is one of the best around.  But they often get meandering, slightly self-indulgent material to work with and they had fallen into a rut, until, well, you know.  So now we see their latest: Charlotte.  … Continue reading New Summer 2015 #3