2-3’s: Sora Yori, Yuru Camp, Slow Start

Somebody suggested that Sora yori mo Tooi Basho was going to be a K-ON for Antarctica, and there were times during episodes 3 and 4 where I began to see their point. Focused, disciplined Shirase turns out to be possibly the biggest idiot of the group with her plan to seduce a male explorer and … Continue reading 2-3’s: Sora Yori, Yuru Camp, Slow Start

Winter 2018 #2

To start this second post we have Itou Junji: Collection, only we don't because I don't care much for horror. So let's turn to Grancrest Senki, set in a fantasy world where a royal wedding will put aside years of fighting between the Fantasy Alliance and the Factory Federation. Well, we can't have peace and … Continue reading Winter 2018 #2