2-3’s: Sora Yori, Yuru Camp, Slow Start

Somebody suggested that Sora yori mo Tooi Basho was going to be a K-ON for Antarctica, and there were times during episodes 3 and 4 where I began to see their point. Focused, disciplined Shirase turns out to be possibly the biggest idiot of the group with her plan to seduce a male explorer and … Continue reading 2-3’s: Sora Yori, Yuru Camp, Slow Start

Winter 2018 #1

Happy New Year!  It's good to be back. Time to start a new season. As usual I will use the Random Curiosity preview list to organize these posts. Also as usual I will only write about shows that I might want to watch anyway. That means no sequels to shows I didn't watch before, and … Continue reading Winter 2018 #1