Nines: Kumamiko, Bakuon, Sousei no Onmyouji

For a while it looked like KumaMiko 9 would be another exercise at humiliating poor Machi, with Yoshiro deciding to make a TV commercial to promote the village and having it star you-know-who ... no, not the bear, and THEN putting her in a swimsuit. Machi does get her share of embarrassment this week, but … Continue reading Nines: Kumamiko, Bakuon, Sousei no Onmyouji

Eights: Bakuon, Sousei, Bungou, Tanaka-kun

A pleasant two or three-parter in Bakuon!! 8. The first part is all about getting Hijiri her license, when she's never even been on a bicycle before. So she falls down a lot and gets enraged. However, I'd say this episode was more of an homage to her practice ride, the Honda Super Cub, which … Continue reading Eights: Bakuon, Sousei, Bungou, Tanaka-kun