Rewrite 3, Tattoo 2-3, HxH and Bijutsubu 2

I just wrote about Rewrite 2 yesterday, so might as well get three out of the way ... I don't know if it's a good thing or not, but this is a busy show. In this episode Kotarou informs us all about the Harvest festival, meets a guy, apparently Chihaya's butler, who hates him, gets … Continue reading Rewrite 3, Tattoo 2-3, HxH and Bijutsubu 2

New shows Summer 2016 #2

Don't know if I really want to start this post with a report on Show by Rock!! Short!!, but I'm waiting on a couple episodes. Anyway, the girls appear on a talk show and show their, er, tails. That's it. Basically a way to reintroduce the girls. I was one of the people who actually … Continue reading New shows Summer 2016 #2