Trinity Seven, Shirobako, and Shigatsu … 2-3

Trinity Seven episodes 2 has Arata being observed by Arin as a sort of comic gag, except her reasons are intended to give us backstory. Then we get scene a scene where she's trapped him (and three girls) in a barrier to see how he will react, sort of a mage testing, since he's going … Continue reading Trinity Seven, Shirobako, and Shigatsu … 2-3

New 2014 Fall #5

I don't know how I missed Amagi Brilliant Park #1, and the next thing you know, #2 had come out. Anyway, as you all know by now, this is about narcissistic high schooler Kanie, who is forced at gunpoint to visit the titular park, the most dismal place in Japan. Then he's entrusted with the … Continue reading New 2014 Fall #5