Some finales and near-finales

In Kinsou no Vermeil 11, as expected, we and Alto get escorted to Vermeil's dark past, and it's done well, emotionally. She was brought up in a small church by a nice Sister, a cool big sister character, and a couple of kids, a happy family, until her horns are discovered and a plague hits … Continue reading Some finales and near-finales

Some of the lesser shows, nines and tens

I found Yofukashi ga uta 10 more entertaining than usual because again, more characters are introduced. Also, it's a stand-alone, and I was happy to get away from the continuing drama of whether Ko will become a vampire or not. Anyway, we find that Midori the vampire, who works at a maid-vamp cafe, or is … Continue reading Some of the lesser shows, nines and tens